FBS introduces a new account type – Zero Spread!

FBS introduces a new account type – Zero Spread!

Dear clients! 

We are pleased to announce that FBS launches a new account type – Zero Spread! Forex without spreads has turned into reality! FBS strives to meet the demands of our clients and that is the reason why we introduce zero spreads on this account type. 
Trading with zero spread will let you increase your profit and make more precise forecast on your revenues. Such an account will suit those traders, who prefer high-speed trading (scalping). 
Account features: 
Zero spread (0.0 pip) 
Minimum lot volume – 0.01 lot 
Quotes precision – 5 digits 
All trading strategies and EAs allowed 
Fast STP execution from 0.3 sec 
FBS works for the convenience of its clients and never stops improving our services! 
Trade on Zero Spread accounts by FBS and get the maximum from Forex trading!

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