Renewed “Micro” accounts are again available for trading! There appeared a unique “Self Rebate” service!

Renewed “Micro” accounts are again available for trading! There appeared a unique “Self Rebate” service!

Dear clients! 

By your multiple requests, FBS returns back “Micro” accounts! Now you can trade on your favourite conditions again! 

But now our account is even better and more beneficial – we have introduced an Self Rebate unique service for the clients who do not have a partner yet. That is what you have been dreaming of for so long! You can receive Rebate payments from 0.5 (EUR/USD) to 1.5 pip (Silver) per traded lot depending on the currency pair.

Funds are automatically transferred to your account on daily basis. 

This option is available not only to ''Micro'' accounts but also to other types of accounts of FBS company. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to get an alternative financial source! 

Your advantages: 

- Rebate from 0.5 to 1.5 per traded lot 
- Daily automatic payments to your account 
- Rebate is paid regardless of your trading results 

Try a brand-new offer by FBS! Trade on “Micro” accounts! The account type is returned back and it saved the best of its conditions together with the revolutionary service in addition! 

- Initial deposit $5 
- Fixed spread starting from 3 pips EUR/USD 
- All trading strategies and Expert Advisors allowed 
- Minimum lot volume – 0.01 
- Quotes precision – 5 digits 
- Fast STP execution from 0.3 sec 

FBS always promptly replies to our customers’ demands and never stops pleasing you with new offers!

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