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The Forex ''Set & Forget'' Profit System: It is VERY DIFFICULT TO LOSE with this extremely reliable trading system

The Forex ''Set & Forget'' Profit System: It is VERY DIFFICULT TO LOSE with this extremely reliable trading system

Mark Boardman

Hi. This is Mark Boardman. Please let me set the record straight on two important things.

1. Most of the people in the Forex industry selling books, software, courses and other systems have no real proof that they trade profitably. I have been running live trading rooms for 6 years in front of my customers. In the trading rooms, where I use my Set & Forget system, I declare my entry price and my stop loss and profit target for every trade before I place it. I record every trade on video so that there is no dispute about my trades. I now have over 800 hours of video recorded trades and in every single year I have made a considerable profit. So, if you want to learn how to trade profitably my advice would be to ensure that your teacher or mentor can absolutely prove that they can trade profitably. I say this because some of the horrible reviews of my book are, I suspect, written by people that have either been paid by other people in the industry to write the review, or they are traders that have had a very bad time trading and want to vent their anger at teachers. As far as I know I am the only trading teacher in the world that puts my system to the test live, and records every trade on video. I am extremely proud of my trading room service and it’s results and make no apology for promoting it in my book. I have helped hundreds of traders to become consistently profitable. I will also be launching my NEW Catalyst Trading System in November 2018.You can find out more by visiting my website which is

2. Now let's talk about making money, or should I say, preventing the loss of money. No book on planet earth can teach you to become profitable at trading. I have been trading for 11 years and have communicated with over 1000 traders. In that time, I have not met a single trader that has been able to pick up a book, or books, and follow a system that then makes them money consistently. Forex trading is hard. It is also subject to daily and weekly changes in the market which no book or piece of software can account for. 90% of traders in the world lose all their money. If you want proof of this then Google the following words….’’what is the number one mistake forex traders make’’..and you will find a page on dailyfx which explains why so many traders lose money.

If you are reading this description the chances are that you are either new to Forex trading or you have yet to make a consistent success of it. So, in my opinion your first task is to prevent consistent losses. That is where Set & Forget comes in. I use it on every trade. Let me be clear, there are plenty of aspects of trading discussed in this book , but $2.98 of the $2.99 you pay for it are for chapter 9 which is about the Set & Forget system. This book will not make you lots of profit. It was not written for that purpose. You can only make consistent profits year after year with hard work and dedication in the market, but my book will solve the single biggest problem that traders have and it will almost certainly stop you losing every month. So, if you do buy it then please read it with that in mind. It is the ninth chapter that you are paying for.

Thanks very much for reading and good luck with your trading.

Mark Boardman




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