Read the updated description of the deposit method via UnionPay card

Dear FBS customers and partners!

UnionPay deposit method was changed on 23th of April, 2018. We created this article for you to avoid any mistakes in deposit process.

1. Log in to your Personal Area and click the "Deposit Funds(入金)". *Green button with characters "入金" in the top right corner of the page.


2. Choose and click  on "UnionPay(中国银联卡)" button. * UnionPay will be the first in the list of deposit methods, named "中国银联卡" or “银联”


3. Fulfill the deposit information with Latin letters, then click the button to proceed to the next step *The button you need to click is green, located at the bottom right corner of the page and maked with the characters  "入金"


4. Please pay attention to the following things on the next page:

The new window will pop up. In this window there will be a special Transfer Notes Number placed in the  "Transfer Notes(转账备注" column. You need to copy this number to complete the deposit process properly. Be sure to fit in 15 minutes (watch the timer in the bottom right corner of the window) otherwise your number will expire and you will have to start over. *The number stays in the same line with the characters  "转账备注"


5. Paste this number to the "Transfer Notes" column in your Bank Personal Area. When the transfer is done successfully, the funds will get into your FBS account within 1-2 minutes! *You need the line with the characters  "附言" or "转账附言" (usually, it is the last line on the transfer-operating page).


FBS wishes you successful trading!

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